2016 China labor law and employment relationship forum: The Application and Trend of Chinese “Flexible Employment” in Global Perspective
2015 Laboroot 10th anniversary dinner party and “Annual Employee Relationship Management Practice Award Ceremony”
2015 The first crowdfunding book for HR, “the Experience of 3+1” and “Dialogue CHO”, summit forum 2015 "Human Capital Management during the Period of Transition" summit forum
2014 "The Problem of Abusing Rights Type Staff Management" employee relations summit forum
2014 "Commemorate Labor Law promulgated 20th anniversary” seminar and
2013 "Labor Contract Law Amendment Interpretation and Labor dispatching" summit legal forum
2012 "Flexible Employment Trends, Risk and Strategy" employee relations forum

「 Previous Forum」

2011 "Post-Crisis Human Cost Strategy" employee relations summit forum
2011 "Social Insurance Law" public class across the country
2010 "How to Build a Harmonious Labor Relationship" employee relations summit forum
2007, 2008 "Labor Contract Law" high-quality public class across the country
2006 "The Draft Labor Contract Law" experts interpret summit forum